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🔥I asked Mark this morning to share some struggles and road blocks he was experiencing before smashing our targets together and here’s what he said: 🔊I’ve always and I mean always struggled with my weight. I never knew how to control the amount of food I ate and became careless with it. If I can’t lose.. may as well enjoy..LOL! “The doubt stops many of us!” 🙋‍♂️I always loved the gym and taking care of myself but if it wasn't for you to show me the path to eating better and how to really understand food, I wouldn't have got where I am today. I wanna say thank you, you've been a great teacher and patient. 🍔What Mark didn’t share was my skepticism. When Mark was referred to me by two wonderful humans, they both shared that he likes his bevies and shit food… not sure if he’s ready! After our first chat, I was worried too and didn’t want to take his dough if we failed. Nothung worse as a coach then feeling like you’ve failed someone who’s invested in you. 👀WE WERE 100% WRONG ❤️Mark came with a vengeance and asked me 1,000’s of questions. He did exactly what he needed to do, was 100% accountable with mistakes and slips, wants this so badly and made our top 1% performance club. He eats fun food, gets to enjoy bevies, cheat nights and still we’re dropping 2-3lbs a week. He’s earned more free months by refering his friends and family than any other person on program… ever. He’ll have a six pack within 2 months👇 💪Well done Mark… I consider you a close friend and respect your accomplishments… that’s a resilient man right there! Yours truly, Coach Seananogins ISSA, CanFit Pro, FMS, NP Hogan Health & Fitness Inc. #rapidweightloss #bigguy #650k #canadian #alberta #oilandgas #oilsands #doityourself

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