Our Mission:

Educate, encourage, coach support and motivate others to accomplish body & mindset transformation targets.

As a former Premiership Rugby player and Junior Hockey player as well as 15 years as an advanced functional fitness/weight lifting coach, there was much to work with here. So... I went back to school, became a nutritionist, acquired 5 national health and fitness certifications and hired Canada's top coaches to teach and train the missing pieces.

Fast forward 3 years...

I lost 70 ib's, have coached hundreds of individuals all over the world, 5 star google rating, built a business from less than a few thousand dollars in a bank account and want nothing more than to help others pivot in similar ways.

"Humans are at our best when working toward challenging goals!"

We prefer to cut through the gimmicks and trends with proven science and experience. 100% of our clients lose body fat and build muscle with our state of the art systems, apps, accountability matrix and one on one coaching with me. We're humbled, collaborative, inclusive and guarantee results.

A father of two sons, avid musician, outdoor enthusiast and lover of personal growth.

Thanks for taking interest in our business.

Yours truly
Coach Sean Hogan BBA, NP, CanFit Pro, ISSA, FMS
Hogan Health & Fitness Inc.