06 May

🙋‍♂️ I remember gaining the first 20 of my 65 pounds in a year like it was yesterday. Heavy deflection and avoidance so I threw out the scale at 21 pounds gained. How many of you can resonate with that?

🤯 The only and I mean, only way to truly move the needle and finally take control of your health and wellness is to acknowledge there’s a problem in the first place. When I say, I don’t mean any of the following excuses:

 ⏰I’m too busy

 🤕I have a bad shoulder, a bad knee or a bad hip so I can’t work out

 🌯 I already eat healthy and my doctor said it’s because of my thyroid

❌ Hey folks, if you want some heavy enabling and medication to mask your problems, go see a general practitioner and medical professional. They are wonderful at that and don’t give a shit about your health. They care about numbers. 

✅ If you want to move gut health, mindset, and physical transformation in no time flat, here are my three coach approved ninja hacks to do so: 

1️⃣ Take your phone out of your bedroom and put it on the counter two hours before bedtime turned off. Take your TV out of your bedroom and throw it in the fucking garbage. Now we can focus on Rapid Eye Movement or “REM sleep.” Your body will not let go of adrenal midsection fat if you’re not properly rested.

2️⃣ We are the only creatures on the planet that eat for fun, not fuel. Every restaurant, food supplier, and big business has altered our food to make you fat, sick, lazy, and addicted. Food is fuel, so start asking us or another nutritionist plus coach how to eat for a result while still enjoying your fun food in moderation. It’s not physically possible to lose weight without understanding, macro and micro nutrients, especially volume and quality. Guessing rarely works and always fails eventually. 

3️⃣ This one is the most important:

Humans are incredibly deflective when it comes to addressing addictions. You’re addicted to food. There’s no way around that narrative. If you’re willing to learn something new in order to produce an incredible result and fight through those addictions, you are ready to engage professionals like us to help you.


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