25 Sep

🔥This example should help explain the real problem:

⁉️Ever experienced car trouble, an engine or warning light on, so you head to a mechanic, assessment ensues, over priced repair and the dam engine light comes back on only a few days later? 

🫣2nd visit, same issue

👀3rd visit, not fixed but more expense

4️⃣th visit and you’re ready ring the managers neck

😆Ever considered they know nothing about your vehicle type and the mechanic working on it is 19 with 1 month training?

👉Eventually you take the car elsewhere only to find out the issue had nothing to do with any of the original assessments? 


❌Health & fitness pursuits are a lot like this. Usually the problem lies in the approach. 

1️⃣ We didn’t investigate the quality of the advice or repair in the first place

2️⃣ It took us several tries to realize our approach to the problem wasn’t working while we operated with bad advice 

3️⃣ It wasn’t until we searched out more qualified advice and improved the plan did the problem resolve. 

🔥I had an old friend reach out to me this AM and here was his approach: “Hey coach… I’m looking for the best deal on a meal plan and need to work around my social life and fun!” Cool!


1️⃣ He has no interest in investing in a top service, merely the lowest cost? What a terrible plan with the most valuable asset… YOUR BODY!

2️⃣ Clearly his habits and social life are the dam problem but he won’t address this

3️⃣ He didn’t ask a single question about our coaching service, what we do, understand his challenge, ask for help, investigate my qualifications or come with any form of accountability.


😞He won’t! 

✅Message of the day: 

 1) Address the route issue

 2) Prepare goals

 3) Seek qualified help

 4) The easy & cheap way will cost you more in the not so distant future. 

Yours truly.

Coach Seananogins ISSA, CanFit Pro, FMS, NP

Hogan Health & Fitness Inc.

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