01 Apr

🦄I’ll be fourty years old this year and it took nearly 25 years of that to figure out how to build an elusive V-Taper. What’s a V-Taper you ponder… Wide shoulders, thin waist, big round booty in your face? Too soon? Shit!

🥅🏉🎾👟 From the time I could walk, was at a rink, field, court or gym competing. Was always very athletic. Got lucky on the larger side with muscularity opposed to  most boys, teens and young men in my pier group, but always had a little bit around the middle and slim shoulders. 

🏋️‍♂️By grade 10 I was at the YMCA every lunch or after school lifting weights with my shit head friends. Or fighting another school for talking shit. No jusgement please and thanks. We all grew, we all took creatine, shit supplements and crushed a case of Miller Genuine Draft in a field somewhere before heading to the bar with our fake ID. Good old Roosters in Maple Ridge BC. 

☹️Never quite got there on the body though and always wondered why. Weights 5 days a week, lots of sports, very active and one of the strongest in most gyms by 20. Ok fine, top 20.😂

✅The “Why” may surprise you.

Turns out I was:

 ❌Over training

 ❌Under eating

 ❌Taking weekends off

 ❌Not nearly enough rest, recovery or sleep

 ❌Hadn’t a real clue about nutrition loading, surpluss, deficits and or metabolism manipulation. 

⭐️Lets fast forward to current day and how easy this truly is:

 ✅I lift weights 45 mins a day only

 ✅Eat way more food

 ✅Much less cardio

 ✅Understand every macro and micro nutrient coming into contact with my gut biome

 ✅I learn, coach, grow and discipline on a clock. Day in, day out, week over week, month over month and year after year. 

🙋‍♂️Am a work in progress, Nutritionist, Online Personal Trainer and old enough to find a path of least resistance.

❤️Ever wonder what that path looks like for you? “DM” or click the link and ask me how to succeed at this. Would be happy to help friends. Why not lose that belly and build those muscles guaranteed? 

Love, Coach Seananogins 

President & CEO

Hogan Health & Fitness Inc

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