25 Oct

👸Wanna find out if the big food industry & their horrific manipulation of ingredients has hooked you? Are you dying a slow death from

The inside out? Are you stuck with gut health issues? think big medical has lied to you about it? Treatments are profitable, cures are not! Do the math! Are you taking gut health meds when you could be off them? Does none of this come as a shock?

🙋‍♂️ Nutritionist & physique transformation Coach Sean M. Hogan here. Lets keep this simple:

🍰 Additives, preserveratives, foreign chemicals and refined sugars have no business in your stomach. Think of your tum tum in terms of an assembly line. 30ft of intestinal track work near the same way. All of the big work happens at the onset and the minor waste processed near the end of said line/tract. If the assembly line speeds up even by 10%, the whole line fails, parts flying everywhere and an incredible amount of waste. Chemicals, GMO, processing, sugars and an a abundance of carbs affect this tract speed which in turn changes your gut biom. By the end of the line, none of the food has been processed effectively. Now we have indigestion, IBS, Chrones, diarrhoea, constipation, fatigue, brain fog, skin issues, heart issues, brain fog, cognitive function problems on and on and on. All health starts in the gut. 

🔥 In short, if it didn’t grow on a tree, in the ground, under water or from an animal, it’s not food. If the so called “Food” lasts on a shelf for months, it’s not food. Or at least there’s a lot more than just food within. 

Find out what to eat, how to build muscle and lean out while you’re at it? Wanna live 15 years longer⁉️🙋‍♂️👇


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