20 Sep

🫣Men and woman should read with caution before competing at any level👇

🔥This may surprise you, but I’m one of the only top Physique transformation coaching services who no longer prepares woman and men for body building shows.. WHY⁉️

✅ Can we agree the #1 purpose of a physique plus mindset transformation should be to live a happier, healthier, longer, leaner life? One with improved sleep, recovery, sex drive, gut health and cognitive function? Regulated hormonal balance and mitigated illness? Healthy people rarely get sick. 

❌ Contrary to popular beleif, traditional physique competition can create the exact opposite of a healthy body plus mindset. After a show, months later, many ladies and guys come to me “nutritionist first” with the following significant symptoms:

 - Insulin resistance

 - Body dysmorphia

 - Binge eating disorders

 - Significantly reduced muscle density

 - Loose skin

 - Aging appearance 

 - More grey hair

 - More body hair

 - Woman: missing or irratic mensural cycles 

 - Men: Anxiety, unbalanced emotions and rapid weight gain  

 - Awful blood work, especially lipids panels. 

⚠️ Here’s what happens.. these folks hire a body building coach and eat the absolute minimum food amounts, reduce healthy fats to near zero, destroy their gut wall and convince themselves it’s a healthy persuit when all we’re really doing is prioritizing physical appearance over absolutely every other important piece of life. 

🔥 I’ll often convince folks to choose a photo shoot or vacation as a goal instead of competition then build healthy recovery plans post event to get those dam calories up, especially essential fatty acids. If you won’t rest at least once a week and eat in a surplus again once a week, I won’t help ya.  

❤️I hope this helps at least one of you make the right decisions for your long term well being. 

Coach Seananogins ISSA, CanFit Pro, FMS, NP

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