14 Jan

🔥 the elusive upper back and shoulder width, can be amongst the most difficult physical transformations for a human. 

🤷‍♀️Before we reveal our three ninja hacks to growing this part of your physique, here are the three decisions which will limit your progress:

 1) Under eating

 2) High intensity cardio

 3) Inadequate rest

🏋️‍♂️ all right here are coaches three top exercises to grow that larger upper back and shoulder width:

1️⃣ Rope face pulls: 5 sets of 12 reps with a 2 second hold at your upper lip

2️⃣ Bent over wide grip partial rows: 6x10 - 3 seconds pull, 4 seconds retract. Do not fully extend arms, keep the elbows from lock out

3️⃣ Smith machine behind the back rolling shrugs: 8x8+8 - roll forward to lower lock, then roll back to lower lock. 

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Coach Sean ISSA, FMS, NP, CanFit Pro

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