05 Jun

🙋‍♂️I remember this life changing weekend like it was yesterday: 

🔥This was the first vacation I could afford with my sons since losing a business, marriage, self esteem, useless possessions, reputation & status. This was also the first vacation I’d ever been on sober… since probably 18 years old.

❤️The previous life and one that cost me dearly was spent checked out, deflective, avoiding problems, ignoring debt, delegating crucial responsibilities, half assed parenting and sub-par personal development.

👀Funny thing about failure, for the first time in my life I remember feeling shame, inadequate, discarded, abandoned and not ready to take the necassary steps to survive such awful defeat. 

⭐️Survive I did, borrowed from the bank to start my nutritionist schooling, health’n fitness business, hired a success coach, hired a personal physique coach and TOOK ACTION! We’re now in 9 countries and zero debts.

🦄Today Liam & Jacob have a present father and look at me differently than before. They’re excited to learn, want to spend time together, exercise with me, cook, clean, develop and adventure. 

💪If it wasn’t for these boys, I most certainly would be a statistic. If you’re ready to become more accountable, develop as a human, lose that body fat, those toxic habbits and revolving door of useless interactions... start a conversation with yourself and take a good look at your kids, the mirror and plan success. Purpose mitigates depression, complacency welcomes it. 

Much love,

Coach Seananogins ISSA, CanFit Pro, FMS, NP

Hogan Health & Fitness Inc.

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