24 Apr

💙 First and foremost men, so many of us are under the impression we can out train a mediocre diet. So many of us are under the impression we can take multiple days off and deviate from a plan multiple days in that same week. We can’t!

🙋‍♂️ The good news is, Sean here was able to keep alcohol in his diet as well as pizza, burgers, and fun food planned and prepped for. 

🦄 The most common healthy challenges facing men 40 years of age and up are as follows:

 -😥 Way too high of a stress load “Cortisol Levels” and not nearly enough sleep to repair miscles plus organs “repairable”

 -🥳 Just because you could take the weekend off in your 20s and get away with lean physique, doesn’t mean you’ll be able to in your 40s. If you eat the same amount on days where you’re not working out, you’re no longer in a caloric deficit. Add alcohol to that equation on both days and now you’re in a surplus for three of the days in a week. Hence not moving anywhere on the scale and continually gaining adrenal midsection body fat.

 - ⚖️ last but certainly not least, most of you don’t understand your numbers. When I say numbers, I mean, macro and micro nutrient numbers as well as overall calorie count. These numbers are variable and individual. Generic dieting and so-called eating healthy is not enough to move the needle. You should know this already by the 12 times you’ve tried to lose weight in the last 10 years and failed, or put the weight back on after losing it. 

✅ As per usual, we have the solution and 100% guarantee your first 15 pounds lost in 10 weeks or I personally coach you for free until you accomplish this goal. Your next excuse… MONEY! Lucky for you guys, our entry-level programs cost less than you’re currently spending eating out and booze per month. Let’s go to the last most popular excuse… TIME! Once we get your meal planning and preparation dialled in as well as your 35 to 45 minutes weighted resistance exercise per day, most individuals have more time not less. If you’re open to the idea of becoming more efficient, you’re excepting the possibility of leaning out finally. I own three businesses, including this one, and a single father to two sons eight and 10 years old who are both in sports and work out two hours a day. I have less time than you.

🙋‍♂️Here is how you can book me for that conversation at no charge. No need for the excuses boys, I used them all myself. Come be an alpha again! 


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