19 Dec

🫣Happyness used to be external accomplishment plus possessions for my inner man child.

❌ I’ll admit how shallow this perspective was for the original version of the Man you see in front of you today. I wanted a fast car, $100,000+ a year income, a pretty wife, vacation once a year, boat and a house. I got all those things by about 26 years old, was incredibly unhappy and naive. At the time I hadn’t experienced any kind of substantial failure or setback, nor had I considered looking out for my children, partner, or their best interests was my true calling. I used to be selfish and now it seems to focus on what I’m leaving behind, and how others are affected by my presence, love and leadership rather than petty persuits.

✅Now, some years later and almost 40 years old I have a different perspective based on experience. Happiness is a pursuit and body image will never be perfect nor will you be thrilled with how you look in a mirror. What does change how you view yourself is how hard you work towards your clear goals. If for example, you choose to pursue a 10 pound fat loss process and achieve that goal, it will create more happiness than if you were born with a genetically blessed physique. Once you lose 10 pounds, it’s time to create the next goal, whether that’s personal, professional, a new language, or hobby. If you truly focus on accomplishing something great, build steps necessary to accomplish those goals while remaining humble and disciplined, along the way, you are as close to a human can be to true happiness. 

❤️Expressed gratitude, forgiveness, and empathy I think most successful women and men will tell you is the true key to their happiness once they become successful. I can relate to this sentiment. The money will never be enough, your parenting can always use work, your partnership will always have challenges, and your business will always have room to grow. If you choose to work on each of these areas as you make mistakes, happiness won’t be your problem, time to enjoy it will. 

🫣 Oh yeah… Don’t be afraid to hire a top coach who can teach you these things and keep you humble Plus accountable along the way. Nobody gets to that elite level without help including yours truly.

Coach Seananogins ISSA, CanFit Pro, FMS, NP

Hogab Health & Fitness Inc.


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