02 May

10. Sleep training. Get your 8 hours 

9. Track & monitor your food

8. Ask me what your caloric deficit should be

9. Burn 400 calories a day in exercise over 120pbm. None of this 10,000 steps counted as exercise. Real exercise to Hypertrophy and progressive overload

8. Eat every 3-4 hours

7. Eliminate wheat & sugar

6. Eliminate dairy and GMO

5. Weigh yourself daily

4. Lift weights or resistance exercise

3. Write down your goals and prepare a plan to move health to number 2 on your list of priorities behind work or family

2. Earn your cheat and fun foods/drinks once per week in a 3 hour window

1. Join our free FB community for tips and hacks in how to boost metabolism

Yours truly, 

Coach Seananogins ISSA, FMS, NP, CanFit Pro

President & CEO

Hogan Health & Fitness Inc.

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