11 Jul

🤦‍♀️Can we agree our current society, especially social media heavily promotes victim mindset, whining, deflection and the easy way out? Could we agree there is far too little emphasis on what’s actually required to move your physicial & emotional needle in the successful direction⁉️👇

🔥Before losing 65lbs, purging toxic habits, dumping the wrong friends and rebuilding an entire life plus business, I was:

 - Deflective

 - Ignorant 

 - Narcissistic

 - Out of shape

 - Checked out

And in no emotional position to tackle my route issues. 

🙋‍♂️Unfortunately for many of us, thus epiphany or “Phoenix from the Ashes” mindset requires substancial failure first. It sure did for me. 

👀Lets skip the “whoa is me,” & “I lost it all” shit and just share with you what it actually takes to gain control over mental & physical health plus become successful in life…


😉In order to lose that kind of weight and succeed with short plus long term personal goals, one must focus their attention on hard work, discipline, remove all toxicity, rip off the bandage and start learning from more successful humans. 

🍁Favourite quote:

 “If your current efforts aren’t producing the desired result, change your approach!” In other words, if it’s broken, fix it. 

🐺🐑Wolf or Sheep this week???…  take your pick and get to work. Your problems are yours and yours alone to bare. 

Yours truly,

Coach Seananogins ISSA, FMS, CanFit Pro, NP

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