23 Apr

1️⃣ When I wake up at 5:45 AM and head downstairs to complete the first workout of the day, both of my sons are down there by 6 AM and all they want to do is grow stronger and faster with dad. 

2️⃣Each morning for the last six years I’ve cooked and prepared meals conducive to our family gut health, lean physiques and longevity. It took less than six months for my boys to prefer that level of nutrition and now cook all on their own. Ask them about macro & micro nutrients. You’ll find they’re more health conscious than 95% of the adult population.

3️⃣Before losing 65 pounds, every beach, boat or park event was spent in a lawn chair so I wouldn’t sweat through my shorts and shirt. Now we play for hours and they tire first. 

4️⃣The boys have a fully baked concept of earning fun. Now they choose healthy options and protein rich dishes. They don’t touch the screen until we’ve worked out. This is their decision now not mine.

5️⃣ If we can agree that success and happiness are pursuits, these boys fully understand how to work hard enough to earn their success and happiness under 10 years of age. 

🙋‍♂️Are you ready to lead a better example for your sons and daughters? I was right where you are 6 years ago. This way is better, I promise. 

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