29 Aug

😳These foods have taken down more humans before their time than most Communist Tyrants: 

1️⃣ Any cereal with yellow food dye. Illegal in many countries and that number is growing. 

Example: (Fruit loops)

2️⃣ Any drinks with yellow food dye.

Example: (Yellow Gatorade) 

3️⃣ Grapes: one of the worst fruits for diabetics and our overall gut health. That includes wine!

4️⃣ Refined sugar: Heart disease, insulin resistance, obesity, gut health and more evidence relating these foods to ADHD. Found in most sweets including candy, pastry, pop, condiments and processed food

Example: (Ketchup)

5️⃣ All dairy: Milk, cheese,

Yogurt, certain sauces and creams. Feed a grown cow our processed dairy… it won’t survive. Absolute poison for your gut and heart health. Without processed diary, would we have IBS?

6️⃣ Artificial Sweeteners: Increased appetite, a leading cause of type 2 diabetes and much discussion around Alzheimer’s and cognitive function issues as a result over time

7️⃣ Gluten: 

Celiac much??? The small intestine simply can’t process these complex carbohydrates or break them down with ease. One of the first foods we pull when on a weight loss journey. Gluten loves body fat. 

8️⃣ Canola & Sunflower seed oil: a high ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 can raise your risk of certain diseases and conditions, such as Alzheimer's, obesity, and heart disease. Canola oil is also highly refined. Refinery’s and human eco-systems not friends. 

9️⃣ Tap water: 

Pesticides, bleach, chlorine, deteriorating metals from piping.. do I need to continue? 

Example: (Canadian & American water supply systems.)

Sorry to be negative today.. just looking out for you.

Coach Seananogins 

Hogan Health & Fitness Inc.

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