01 Nov

🔥Nina was one of our first students/clients to lose over 50lbs in 6 months or less👀

🤯How the “F” did we accomplish this incredible feat together. 

🏒 First lets discuss her disadvantages:

 1) She owns two business’s and literally has no time or very little. 

2) She’s over 50 years old and metabolism plus hormonal changes mean we need to work harder than a 25 year old, specifically on nutrition. I’m too smart to list her exact age and always mess this up. Long memories you girls have😂

3) Nina was not a gym expert at the time nor did she have a bunch of home equipment or time to complete 1 hour sessions

⛸Now lets talk about her advantages which we leaned into heavily:

 1) She owns a top power skating business in Kamloops BC Canada. Which means she’s on the ice 6-8 hours a day. Before you deflect, her heart rate rarely elevated past 130bpm in an instructional capacity so this didn’t meet the cardio component of her regime. It did however, speed up her gut processing and burned an extra 400-600 cal a day. This means she needed more food! Otherwise… bye bye caboose and hello cellulite! 

 2) This incredible woman could give a shit less about sugar, fancy taste, big cheat meals and or extensive nights out with an abundance of friends not on a health journey. So… we were able to keep her meals simple and nutrient dense.


👏Like many of us when pursuing that level of weight loss, Nina’s body fought us along the way. I tagged her, so you’ll have to confirm with her, BUT…. I beleive she got temporarily stuck at a specific weight 5-6 times. That’s where master coaching comes in. Dropping calories isn’t the best path. We had to explore at least 4 new workout regimes designed for her home and gym space. We played with circuit training, bootcamp, HIIT, Tabata. We found weighted resistance training  worked best for her body. She’s not a tech person but figured out our custom workout app in less than a day! I do this all online friends and she has access to me or one of our top personal trainers 10 hours a day 6 days a week.

🍕The food is always and I mean always the key folks. Nina’s body did not respond to a low fat plan. Her accelerating metabolism and hormonal health required them fats. If you’re taking anything from this, it should be “Meal and Exercise Planning is variable not static!” 

📆Fast forward two years, Nina successfully graduated from our Online program as well as my one on one distanced coaching service and kept off every pound since. Nina… you’re one of a kind and I respect you very much! 

Much love

Coach Seananogins ISSA, CanFit Pro, FMS, NP

Hogan Health & Fitness Inc.

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