07 Nov

❌ Stay out of the sun so your skin doesn’t leather… wrong. 

✅Vitamin D crucial to gut health, hormonal healrh, happiness and longevity, especially first light. Just use toxin free sun-block sun on bare skin and feet in bare dirt, grass or sand.

❌ Walking 10,000 steps a day for a lean physique

✅Cardio burns calories and muscle, not body fat. Less than 120 beats per minute won’t move the needle. Weighted resistance training over 50 crucial to mitigate loose skin and deteriorating joints/muscles

❌Eat fresh fruit and vegetables daily for optimal health

✅Fresh fruit and veg are the only ones in a grocery store without a food label. Send an organic strawberry off to your local lab. You’ll find extensive pesticides, perservatives, anti-biotics and insecticides

❌Reduce red meat to avoid high cholesterol & blood pressure meds

✅Red meat has essencial fatty acids, high in protein and Carnivores produce the best blood work I’ve seen comparative to vegans on hundreds of requisitions. Sugar, dairy and grains the real problem. Unfortunately big pharma and government subsidized health care can’t profit from your self directed health. 

❌Hormone replacement therapy is dangerous with scary side effects

✅Replacing your hormones to that of a 30 year old not only recommended by many modern doctors and naturopaths, but incredibly beneficial in repairing the human body while rejuvenating it’s performance. Sex drive over night!

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