25 Apr

👏I remember my first coach suggesting I had to lose 50 plus pounds to get a six pack… WHAT!!!! Almost hung up the phone! It was actually 65lbs.. well shit! 

🦄Craig here had very realistic goals and timelines.. he wanted to be under 200lbs for the first time since college in 12 weeks or less! Pfffft… easy bro, lets go! 

🔥Well.. he’s done it and as of this morning well on his way to a healthier, happier lifestyle and getting nothing but compliments from colleagues and friends. He told me this morning; “Coach… this is the first time I can remember not feeling silly with a tucked in dress shirt!”

🍸🍔 Would it suprise you to know he was able to have fun and eat it too⁉️

🥳 Congratulations sir.. now come back and see us when you’re ready for 180lbs and a six pack… GOALS! 

Much love

Coach Seananogins ISSA, CanFit Pro, FMS, NP

Hogan Health & Fitness Inc.

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