11 Apr

How did they lose 100 combined pounds in under 6 months:

They were excellent students, threw all their existing knowledge of nutrition and fitness out the window following our program and guidance 100% They planned their fun cheat days plus vacations around their program and collaborated for elite result. 

Many individuals let off the rails and hide form coach…lol. No way.. let me help you have your cake and eat it too. They meal prepped and set gym times no matter what. 

Health and fitness moved from number 7 on their priority list to number 3… right behind career and kids.

They asked a ridiculous amount of questions. Those who truly want this, always grow through constant learning. They were patient and knew some weeks would be 5lbs lost and some 1-2. Total trust in the process. 

Congrats Nicole & Jon… you two are living proof hard work pays off. 

If you’re looking to achieve results like these two unicorns, DM me directly or click the application link in my bio. 

Much love 

Coach Seananogins ISSA, CanFit Pro, FMS, NP

President & CEO

Hogan Health & Fitness Inc.

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