25 Jul

🔥What Hailey has been aboe to accomplish in her first 10 weeks really isn’t that tough. Like the nearly 1000 hunans we’ve taught so far, you can absolutely do the same girls and boys.

😉Would you be suprised to know:

 - She had camping trips

 - Fun food

 - Bevies

 - Social outtings 

 - Busy career 

 - A family

 - Tons of opportunities for excuses

🤦‍♀️Like 95 plus percent of you, Hailey’s road blocks were as follows:

 - Missing nutrition knowledge

 - Missing accountability 

 - Lacking goals and focus

 - Was under eating

 - Had no idea what foods were causing her inflamation

 - Was performing too much cardio and not enough weighted resistance training

👨‍⚕️💪Proud coach today Hailey, now lets get that six pack over your next 16 weeks. 

Yours truly,

Coach Seananogins ISSA, CanFit Pro, FMS, NP

Hogan Health & Fitness Inc.

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